Never too late to get back on your bike

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Sandy and Jimmy

Jimmy and Sandy came back to cycling late in life. Jimmy used to drive but his health meant that he was no longer able to drive. They both were in their 80’s and decided that bikes were a good alternative. They both got hybrid bikes that they have used regularly around the town. I was impressed, and it reminded me of my goal of being on my bike at 85 – still got another 25 years.

Sandy is the more confident of the two. I bumped into him on Back Road and he was going really slowly. He had an issue with his brake that I quickly resolved. Traffic and hills are an issue but they have a pragmatic approach – they get off and walk if necessary.

I thought their late return to cycling might inspire others to do the same. If you need some practice or confidence boosting the Bike Hub can support you with training or you could go out with a friend of a bike buddy. Cycle training is often seen as something you do at primary school but it can be part of life long learning.

Categorised as Updates